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The trade balance is in favor of Japan with RO8,601,215.
However, around 10 regions registered an unfavorable trade balance during the third quarter of 2017.
00 billion trade balance surplus for September 2017 is a deterioration from the surplus recorded in September 2016 of R7.
The next section contains a selective review of the empirical studies that have examined the sensitivity of China's trade balance to movements in the real effective exchange rate of the renminbi.
Egypt's trade balance has suffered a deficit for a while, due to the country's imports exceeding exports in general.
Previous reports from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) have shown that Egypt's trade balance deficit registered EGP 19.
However, all of the studies which conclude that exchange rate fluctuation has a significant influence on trade balance indicate that depreciation would increase exports, restrain imports and improve overall trade balance.
Meantime, the Iranian minister of communications and information technology underlined the need for cooperation between the two states' economic, technological and industrial sectors to achieve the important goal of the 30-billion-dollar trade balance.
Meanwhile, Tehran's trade balance with 89 other countries was negative: the United Arab Emirates with -$4.
Firstly, it aims to examine the effects of FDI on the trade balance via exports and imports.
Among these 169 countries with which Iran had business transactions, Iran had a positive trade balance with 83 countries while there was a negative trade balance in transactions with the rest," said the Iranian customs administration.
Imports continued to fall as exports continued to rise in April, which led to a fall of the trade balance deficit, preliminary data published on Monday by the Cyprus Statistical Service shows.