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He said Islamabad had time and again told US administration in clear terms that 'we need trade not aid.
Giving his reaction on current stressful relationship between Pakistan and USA, Iftikhar Ali Malik in his media statement here today, said Pakistan now needs trade not aid as Pakistan have lost a great deal of time and money for playing frontline role in the war on terror.
3 -- From launching Trade not Aid in 1987, the beauty industry's first Community Trade programme, to inventing the first Body Butter in 1992, The Body Shop has been at the forefront of making change happen.
Through this status the concept of Trade Not Aid will be materialized which will not only increase our exports to EU markets but will bring economic prosperity and social development in the country , remarked Zahid Hamid.
tenders apology for Salala attacks, reimburses CSF payments, enhances sharing of intelligence, ceases drone attacks and shifts to policy of trade not aid, reports The News.
Grossman argued, over the longer term, Pakistan and US would recognise that in areas like counter-terrorism, peace and future of Afghanistan, economic relations, especially trade not aid, good relationship with India, a strong Pakistan in the region - all those were the interests that they shared and they had to be able to act all together.
Eradication of poverty: he recalled that trade not aid was already the mantra of the developing world ten years ago.
officials is his strident opposition to the African Growth and Opportunity Act, a bipartisan measure that attempts to buttress the Trade Not Aid approach by allowing tariff-free commerce with the United States so long as African countries meet stringent requirements on human rights, democratic reform and commitment to free-market economics.
He said that Pakistan now needs trade not aid as she has lost a great deal of time and money for playing frontline role in the war on terror being the friend and coalition partner of USA.
The Prime Minister and his cabinet was following the agenda of trade not aid which was a positive gesture, she said.
Successive governments in Pakistan are relying on aid packages from United States which is not good for the country as KCCI believes in trade not aid.
long term partnership with the US anchored in trade not aid.