trading authorization

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Trading authorization

A document (power of attorney) a customer gives to a broker in order that the broker may buy and sell securities on behalf of the customer.
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Trading Authorization

A document giving another party the ability to make trades of securities and/or derivatives on one's behalf. Generally speaking, one gives trading authorization to a broker, but theoretically, one may give it to someone else. See also: Discretionary Account.
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trading authorization

A written document that gives another party the power to enter orders for an investor's account. The other party may be an employee of the broker-dealer handling the account, a spouse, or someone else designated by the client in the trading authorization.
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Though the US recently elevated India to a Strategic Trade Authorization (STA) Tier 1 country, India lacks funds to equip its forces with fourth- and fifth-generation warfare.
India may have "Strategic Trade Authorization Tier-1 status" in Washington, but Turkey is a full-fledged NATO member yet Washington has had little luck talking Ankara into giving up on the S-400.
Those 600-series items generally require licenses for exports or reexports, except when the item is exported or reexported to Canada or, when operating under license exception, any of the countries party to the Strategic Trade Authorization.
"They welcomed the inclusion of India by the US among the top tier of countries entitled to license-free exports, re-exports, and transfers under License Exception Strategic Trade Authorization (STA-1) and also committed to explore other means to support further expansion in two-way trade in defense items and defense manufacturing supply chain linkages.
"In addition, to export control-related benefits for India as a result of prior amendments to the EAR in furtherance of the US-India global strategic partnership, BIS places India in Country Group A:5, which provides the benefit of greater availability of License Exception Strategic Trade Authorization (STA) for exports and reexports to, and transfers within India under the EAR," it said.
CitiDirect BE Mobile was launched in 2011 as a mobile-optimized channel extension of CitiDirect BE, to provide corporate treasurers with convenient access to critical functions such as payment initiation, authorization and release, trade authorization, global cash position and payment status monitoring as well as real-time notifications.
"The trade authorization that's provided here is not the actual trade agreements.
Unless the two measures are passed together, a trade authorization deal is unlikely to pass the U.S.
Some say that the most attractive licensing reform is the creation of a new Commerce license exception known as "the Strategic Trade Authorization" (STA).
After its defeat on fast-track trade authorization, the Clinton Administration is not eager to bring a hot potato like the MAI before Congress now, with midterm elections looming.

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