trading authorization

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Trading authorization

A document (power of attorney) a customer gives to a broker in order that the broker may buy and sell securities on behalf of the customer.

Trading Authorization

A document giving another party the ability to make trades of securities and/or derivatives on one's behalf. Generally speaking, one gives trading authorization to a broker, but theoretically, one may give it to someone else. See also: Discretionary Account.

trading authorization

A written document that gives another party the power to enter orders for an investor's account. The other party may be an employee of the broker-dealer handling the account, a spouse, or someone else designated by the client in the trading authorization.
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That The Subject Contract, Especially A Document Proving The Relevant Trade Authorization Or License.
The trade authorization that's provided here is not the actual trade agreements.
Unless the two measures are passed together, a trade authorization deal is unlikely to pass the U.
Yokich hailed the derailment of "Fast Track" trade authorization in the U.

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