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Speaking of tract homes, the popular MTV show Cribs recently visited Tony Hawk's house for a segment.
New tract homes offered floor plans anywhere from 1,200 to 3,200 square feet, with prices ranging from $175,000 to $235,000.
And while we only went to Lisbon, I can agree that this is true, provided Europe 40 years ago was awash with shopping malls, Ikeas, and tract homes.
Now,' we have tract homes in sight, with woods gutted and all that comes with people who can build the homes but can't afford to maintain them.
Realty took a powerful stand against public housing initiatives in favor of suburban tract homes, just as it pressed for tax policies that privileged home ownership over renting, thus promoting the single-family suburban sprawl over dense city living and closing off middle-class ascension to millions of working families.
Concentrating on the political uses of Norman Rockwell's series of paintings, The Four Freedoms, Westbrook argues that the average American's sense of political obligation was inspired by a commitment to families, friends and a future filled with well stocked pantries and tract homes rather than an allegiance to the state or abstract political beliefs.
Not all loss of access to private land has resulted from the incessant onslaught of tract homes across the landscape.
The majority of homes in the city are tract homes, with custom-built homes being found in the Nellie Gail Ranch community.
Ballantyne's work represents desolate, depopulated suburban and exurban environments with crisply geometric images of tract homes set in verdant flatlands.
While some tract homes in the greater Los Angeles area sell for more than $1 million, housing in the Antelope Valley - varying from condos to mansions - is far more affordable.
Not only does he love all new gadgets, horrible music, tract homes, and Wal-Mart, his drive to buy things he doesn't need even outweighs his desire for food.
To someone just passing through, Middletown is a featureless conglomeration of subdivisions and tract homes that illustrates perfectly what anti-suburb types have memorably described as the "geography of nowhere.