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Tambien han relacionado la evaluacion dimensional de Cloninger con el diagnostico categorial de los TP. Posteriormente, se ha evaluado la relacion de las dimensiones de Cloninger con los TP en drogodependientes (Pedrero, 2006a; 2006b; Pedrero, Olivar y Puerta, 2007; Szerman, Peris y Balaguer, 2010).
En la Tabla 2 se describen detalladamente las puntuaciones medias en las dimensiones de Cloninger, asi como se puede observar las diferencias de medias de las dimensiones segun el genero y la presencia de TP. Solo se encontraron diferencias de genero en DR y en C, donde puntuaban significativamente mas alto las mujeres.
In fact, there are circumstances in which tripling the ROA would be most salubrious for a TP. The fact is that a low ROA frequently indicates that there are costly inefficiencies.
As the latter increases, [r.sub.g] (LP, TP) decreases due to a reduced genotypic variance ([[sigma].sup.2.sub.g]) for TP. Thus, the ratio of [[sigma].sup.2.sub.g] for LP and TP provides a crude estimate of the proportion of dominant favorable alleles fixed in the tester.
A TP-tuple tp is consistent iff there exists a TP-interpretation [I.sub.A,[tau]] such that [I.sub.A,[tau]] [satisfies] tp. A TP-relation r is consistent iff ([there exists][I.sub.A,[tau]])([for all] tp [member of] r)([I.sub.A,[tau]] [satisfies] tp).
Depending upon foreign country tax rates, the parent will choose either a low or high TP. When the tax rate is low relative to the United States, American-owned, foreign-based subsidiaries should buy low and sell high, accruing the majority of the profits in the low tax rate country.