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Deaths were reported in toxic doses of antipsychotics or even in therapeutic doses of antipsychotics due to the drug-drug interactions (8).
Other isolated compounds exhibited weak inhibitory effects on MMP expression (less than 20% inhibition) at minimal and moderate toxic dose levels of 10 and 40 [micro]g/ml (dose-response data was not shown).
Chronic human exposure to nonovertly toxic doses of arsenic is associated with an increased risk of cancer.
Stem Cell Factor reduced the number of blood cell collection procedures required to help cancer patients overcome potentially toxic doses of chemotherapy.
Two groups (G1 and G2) were given toxic doses (60mg/kg/day) of simvastatin for 14 days11 and the rest of two groups (G3 and G4) were placed on therapeutic doses (1mg/kg/day)12 for 90 days.
35 mg/Kg/day, increased by 5-10 mg /kg/week and the supplement of carnitine in a dose of 60 mg/Kg/day and group C treated with toxic doses of VPA i.
These results are promising, but concerns about the potential toxicity of the drug in the elderly has led to calls for additional research to ensure that long-term use of lower, less toxic doses of lithium in older patients is safe and effective before a larger trial begins.
Levenson, who took the case only three weeks ago, hired a doctor who reviewed the medical records and determined that the little boy had not been diagnosed as brain-dead before he was removed from life support and that he was given toxic doses of pentobarbital.
The fundamental principle behind homeopathy is the concept that certain substances that cause specific symptoms when ingested in toxic doses can be given in micro-diluted doses and cause the body to react against and counteract a condition causing those same symptoms.
Reported toxic doses and symptoms were compared with those of the GCB series.
The tests involve giving animals high toxic doses of chemicals or rubbing irritants into their skin.
However, a study in the January issue of the Journal of Advanced Nursing found that nearly one-third of split pill fragments deviated from recommended doses by 15 percent or more, which could have serious repercussions if you take drugs with a narrow margin between therapeutic and toxic doses.