total revenue

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Total revenue

Total sales and other revenue for the period shown. Known as "turnover" in the U.K.
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Total Revenue

The total amount of a company's sales and other sources of income. It is important to note that revenue is distinct from earnings or profits, which takes expenses into account. Obviously, however, high total revenue is desirable for any company.
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Fig. 187 Total revenue.

total revenue

the aggregate revenue obtained by a FIRM from the sale of a particular quantity of output, equal to price times quantity. Under conditions of PERFECT COMPETITION, the firm faces a horizontal DEMAND CURVE at the going market price. Each extra unit of output sold (MARGINAL REVENUE) adds exactly the same amount to total revenue as previous units. Hence, total revenue is a straight upward sloping line (see Fig. 187 (a) ). Under conditions of imperfect competition (for example, MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION), the firm faces a downward-sloping demand curve and price has to be lowered in order to sell more units. As price is lowered, each extra unit of output sold (marginal revenue) adds successively smaller amounts to total revenue than previous units. Thus, total revenue rises but at a decreasing rate, and eventually falls (see Fig. 187 ).

Total revenue interacts with TOTAL COST in determining the level of output at which the firm achieves its objective of PROFIT MAXIMIZATION.

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With this loss of substance and exhaustion of strength, the homes of the people will be stripped bare, and three-tenths of their income will be dissipated; while government expenses for broken chariots, worn-out horses, breast-plates and helmets, bows and arrows, spears and shields, protective mantles, draught-oxen and heavy wagons, will amount to four-tenths of its total revenue.
"For the second quarter of 2019, total revenues were $35.3 million, a 4% increase year-over-year, and for the first six months of 2019, total revenues were $62.1 million, which represented a 21% increase over the first six months of 2018.
Total revenues of USD193.118m were collected for the full year ended 31 December 2018, up from total revenues of USD165.08m for the full year 2017.
Total revenues for the three-month period ended June 30, 2018, were $7,910,668 as compared to $7,429,199 in the prior year quarter.
dollar compared to foreign currencies, Oracle's reported GAAP and non-GAAP Total Revenues would have been $66 million higher, and Earnings Per Share would have been 1 cent higher.
Total revenues for the quarter were EUR89.8m, up by 7.3% as compared with EUR83.6m in Q2 2017.
Total revenues were approximately USD 1.7 million for the second quarter, as compared to the approximately USD 2.5 million in total revenues reported for the same period in 2017.
In a recent report on the state's total revenues and receipts during the period from July to October 2017, the CAPMAS pointed out that tax revenues accounted for the largest share of the total revenues made during the aforementioned period at 77.9% of total revenues, with a value of EGP 139.6bn, compared to EGP 89.5bn during the period from July to October 2016.
Residential development generated P3.52 billion, contributing 65 percent of the total revenues for the period.
Oracle Corporation has announced that fiscal 2014 Q4 total revenues were up 3 percent $11.3 billion.
Total revenues for the third quarter of 2010 are USD1.9m compared to total revenues of USD1.9m for the comparable period in 2009.
Total revenues for 2007 for TechTarget (Needham, MA) increased by 20%, going from $79 million in 2006 to $94.7 million in 2007.