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The Nuveen Long/Short Commodity Total Return Fund also operates as a commodity pool and its investment objective is to generate attractive total returns.
The largest company to make the top 25 total returns list was Equity Residential (42.9 percent return).
For the first time in over a year, offices were not the top performing sector on the monthly index, with the strongest total returns coming from the retail sector, with growth of 0.8%, delivering total returns of 1.3%.
The Index showed All Property total returns falling to -3.8%, fractionally deeper than the monthly returns recorded last December, which were -3.7%, serving to emphasise that the UK commercial real estate market has now fully entered a "double dip" phase.
According to London-based property research firm Investment Property Databank (IPD), annualised total returns, measuring rental returns and capital growth, hit at least eight-year highs in all sectors.
Once increases in property values were taken into account, landlords made total returns of more than 30% on their investment.
During the 40 calendar quarters the table covers, there was only one instance of negative quarterly total returns for one-year to three-year year Treasuries (Q1-1994, as the two-year Treasury rose in yield from 4.23 percent to 5.18 percent and the Fed tightened by 50 bp), and no negative yearly total returns.
"A Taxing Problem" (JofA, May00, page 51) discussed the need for investors and their accountants to consider the impact taxes have on their total returns earned in mutual funds.
(Mutual funds reporting total returns assume reinvested dividends and capital gains and losses the fund may have realized during the year.) Furthermore, you personally may have bought and sold shares in the investment during the year.
If you had invested in any of these emerging markets back then, you might have realized total returns of up to 50%
Commodity index total returns are achieved through: