total productive maintenance

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total productive maintenance (TPM)

a PRODUCTION control system which monitors the availability, efficiency and effectiveness of a firm's MACHINERY and EQUIPMENT. The potential of an item of machinery and equipment usually depends on its function and on the environment it operates in. In particular how well the machine meets the requirements of availability, meaning that the machine is operational when needed; efficiency, meaning that it always performs at its rated throughput; and quality, meaning that it produces no defects or nonconforming products. TPM moves beyond preventing breakdowns and includes machinery and equipment restoration and design, a goal being to upgrade equipment so that it performs better and provides less maintenance than when it was new. See MAINTENANCE, LEAN MANUFACTURING.
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Total Productive Maintenance, Plant Maintenance Resource Centre.
Total productive maintenance (TPM): A mature TPM initiative will contribute to "best in class" operating equipment efficiency (OEE) and machine availability.
Only if there is a commitment to excellence from every individual who is in the plant, whether that person is in charge of the total operation or in charge of total productive maintenance or simply in charge of getting her or his job done on the line day in, day out.
Total Plant Maintenance conference and workshop will be held from the May 11-13 in Dubai, UAE and will cover a unique horizon of engineering principles ranging from reactive and proactive maintenance, total productive maintenance, reliability centred maintenance, root cause analysis and cost effective inspection and maintenance.
* Build programs focused on extending the life and contribution of existing assets, particularly through total productive maintenance (TPM) and analytics.
Following an introduction, he discusses formating the Kamishibai card, explains who should use the Kamishibai system, provides examples, explains how the Kamishibai system works, and explains Kimishibai for TPM (total productive maintenance), trifolds, and other business applications.
Lean manufacturing follows the total productive maintenance (TPM) approach to identify and maximize the operational efficiency of equipment and employees.
The incorporation of the total productive maintenance (TPM) concept indicates when maintenance is due, helping eliminate unplanned downtime, and increasing productivity.
Total Productive Maintenance is an approach to utilize machinery and related manpower resources effectively and efficiently.
Cama Value Pack integrates the TPM concept (Total Productive Maintenance), which simplistically is a system and mindset that involves, and counts on, the operator to be part of the maintenance program in a proactive way.
The focus for the visit will be on total productive maintenance - the Japanese system of continuous shopfloor and process improvement - and some of the companies to be visited are international award winners in this sphere.

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