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For a buyer, there may be additional risk in the form of higher total interest payments (particularly if it's unable to assume an existing first mortgage).
Karl Whelan [UCD economist] estimates the total interest payments will amount to [euro]18billion.
By seeking a personal loan to consolidate these debts, consumers are able to make repayment easier and may be able to lower their total interest payments in the long term.
5 billion of the total interest payments during the period, meanwhile was paid to domestic creditors and the remaining P63.
The so-called "Build America Bonds" can reduce overall borrowing costs by letting issuers collect a tax credit of up to 35 percent of total interest payments.
If the total interest payments on the mortgage contract presented in Table 2 are compared with those in Table 3, the 1 percent increase in the interest rate results in $44,320 of additional mortgage payments over the life of the mortgage.
Lower total interest payments and a shorter mortgage term, because the interest is charged against a lower mortgage balance.
10 Total interest payments = Total interest payments = 98,792.
Total interest payments on debt, including mortgage repayments, have fallen to pounds 1,790 per household.
We include in the sample only firms with a bilateral relationship and positive total interest payments.
No matter which method is employed, however, the total interest payments over the term of the loan are identical, assuming the loan is not prepaid before the scheduled maturity date.
Total interest payments on a pounds 50,000 standard variable mortgage rate were just pounds 3,619.

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