asset turnover

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Asset turnover

The ratio of net sales to total assets.

Asset Turnover

A ratio of a company's net sales to total assets. It is a measure of how efficiently management is using the assets at its disposal to promote sales. A high ratio indicates that the company is using its assets efficiently to increase sales, while a low ratio indicates the opposite. It is also known as total asset turnover.

asset turnover

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Both heavy and medium industry firms are seen to be having lower turnovers for inventory and receivables as well for total asset turnovers during both expansionary and contractionary policy periods compared to the light industry firms.
The median values of inventory turnover, receivables turnover, and total asset turnover are 1.
Table 2 compares the median values of NWC %, Days sales in inventory, Days sales in receivables, and total asset turnover across the expansionary and the contractionary monetary policy periods.
Finally, Table 6 shows the results for total asset turnover.

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