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Another common problem is the dark tooth. Are dark teeth associated with trauma?
The Tooth Fairy in modern Spain and Spanish-speaking South America becomes 'Perez the Mouse', who does exactly the same thing.
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Various studies now show that whitening teeth with bleaching products that contain hydrogen peroxide can endanger tooth health.
Decay is a progressive tooth disease caused when enamel is compromised and the tooth is exposed to harmful oral bacteria.
When tooth resorption occurs, cells called odontoclasts break down the dentin layer of the tooth.
After the clinical examination and appropriate radiographs were used to make a definitive diagnose in every single patient and a particular cause of tooth extraction was established.
It is the normal protein layer that forms on teeth when certain molecules in saliva bond to the tooth enamel.
A study published in the British Dental Journal utilized research previously conducted by Guy's Hospital, which assessed the diets of 300 people with signs of acute tooth erosion in comparison to the diets of 300 people with healthy teeth, the Independent health news reported.
If a nerve or blood vessel is cut or damaged, except it be one of the vulnerable nerves or blood vessels, repair and regeneration will surely occur--but not so with a tooth. Once it is fractured or cracked, or a cavity appears in any of its five surfaces--and every tooth has five surfaces, 160 surfaces in a full set of teeth-then that tooth progressively gets worse and finally toothache, an abscess formation, and death to the tooth results.
If milk tooth is lost prematurely, its stabilising influence is lost too.
Patients' age, gender, systemic condition, number of supernumerary teeth, unilateral-bilateral presence, anatomical localization (maxilla, mandible, anterior-premolar-molar, mesiodens, parapremolar-paramolar-distomolar), shape (rudimentary, supplemental, tuberculate, odontoma), position (palatal, lingual, buccal, labial, midline), and shortest distance between the most exterior part of the supernumerary tooth and the inner layer of neighboring cortical plate, as well as complications due to supernumerary tooth, were assessed.