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An agreement between two parties whereby one party allows the other to use his/her property for a certain period of time in exchange for a periodic fee. The property covered in a lease is usually real estate or equipment such as an automobile or machinery. There are two main kinds of leases. A capital lease is long-term and ownership of the asset transfers to the lessee at the end of the lease. An operating lease, on the other hand, is short-term and the lessor retains all rights of ownership at all times.


To rent out.

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Each lender has its own consent to let conditions such as: length of time your current mortgage has been held for, will the property be managed by a professional.
With the aid of Buy to Let, the Private Rented Sector provides flexible housing for a mobile workforce, accommodation for the ever expanding number of students in higher education and a partnership with registered social landlords.
Although repeated surveys allow the ARLA Panel to be confident that most investors in residential property invest for the long term, using long-term tenancies, they are seeking to remind the public that many areas of property dealing are being improperly linked to Buy to Let and are abuses of the brand.
GOOD REASONS TO LET HIM GO You deserve way more than to be treated like a new toy
I would ask all Valley residents to let their so-called ``city fathers'' have their so-called amendments.
To boost the range, the Olympia CDP uses Class 1, a high-powered Bluetooth, to let users maintain a connection from a range of up to 800 feet with a clear line of sight or up to 150 feet in a home.
Picture CD is designed to let picture-takers explore new ways to organize, enhance, share and store the more than 20 billion photos taken each year in the United States.
We realized that for our product to really appeal to a lot of people, we had to let them do everything they did with a paper fax, plus give them capabilities that only the computer could do.