examination of title

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Examination of Title

In real estate, research done to investigate the legitimacy of a title. An examination of title is done before the sale of property to ensure that there are no competing claims for the same property. An examination of title looks into only recent history and does not trace the property back to its source. For that reason, its findings may not be as accurate as a full title search, which tracks the property back to its beginnings or a statutory date.
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examination of title

The process of investigating title to real estate, usually confined to recent records.

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Potts represents privately owned and public companies in oil and gas matters, with an emphasis on oil and gas title examination.
His topics include suretyship: the relationship between the creditor and the surety, conventional mortgages: usufructs and leases, the rights of third-part possessors, examples of differences between title examination issues and litigation issues involving the ranking of mortgages and privileges, and the relationship of federal due process and certain other federal laws to Louisiana foreclosures.
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Third, there is no provision to increase the payment amount to meet contingencies, and various other costs such as legal fee, loan origination fee, charges relating to property survey, valuation, title examination, stamp duty and registration, etc, could be recovered from the borrower.
It supplies practical information on how to research deeds, decipher mortgage clauses, and how to conduct a title examination, with special emphasis on the impact of software and the Internet on the practice of real estate law.
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According to the recent title examination, the title to the property (Old Skull Rock Road) was subject to the right of others.
While most Arkansas closing and title companies normally work within a county, Associates Closing & Title is the first to offer statewide residential and commercial closings, title examination, title insurance, title defense, title resolution services and escrow services.
A majority of jurisdictions presently takes an approach that functionally, if not expressly, requires a title examination by mandating notice to owners, mortgagees, lienholders, and other parties whose interests are of record.
The settlement statement records the actual costs paid, such as fees for survey, appraisal, credit report, title examination and insurance, loan points, mortgage broker's fees, and amounts to be held in reserve accounts.