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The smartphone app helps to prevent scams, fraud, harassment and tire kickers who have no intention of meeting," says Jericho Digos, founder of LegitChex[TM].
com shoppers coming in our doors are real buyers, and not just tire kickers.
We saw a lot of tire kickers during the past 12 months," Freeling said.
One false perception about expos is that they tend to attract tire kickers who are only looking to get free food and giveaways at booths.
In other words, there are fewer tire kickers heisting free pens and more decision-makers looking to buy.
If the economy is to blame for keeping some attendees away, then it will more than likely sift out the tire kickers.
But this year "we're seeing a lot of those tire kickers becoming actual customers," he says.
Also, it discourages tire kickers from getting the card just to get the premium, and then never using it.
There are a lot of tire kickers around," said the source.
No tire kickers," said Alex Peykar, a principal of Nourison.
With the right promotion, these won't be just tire kickers.
After calling through 1000's of such Internet leads, John Henning, CEO/Founder, realized that there must be a better way to sift out the tire kickers.