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No other tin ingot had ever been found, except for some very poorly preserved, corroded ones .
Tin prices were given a boost by the decision by smelters in Indonesia's main tin-producing region of Bangka island to impose a full export ban on tin ingot from Oct.
Tenders are invited for Pure Tin Ingot Specification : As Per Is:26 Latest Revision
The SS Cheerful dates from a time when steam power was replacing sail and tin ingot smelting in Cornwall was an active industry, so it is a loss to us all if sites like this are picked apart and the wreck and its contents lost piece by piece.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Tin Ingots For Aws Rg2
A LORRY loaded with 11 tonnes of tin ingots was hijacked on its way from Liverpool to London.
Supply of 10 tons raw tin ingots and 3 tons raw zinc ingots.
The cargo recovered includes 259 copper ingots and 27 tin ingots.
Commercial divers Peter Devlin, Steve Russ and Malcolm Cubin were accused of straying onto a shipwreck, which locals believe was loaded with treasure, while salvaging tin ingots from another sunken boat nearby.