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Once converted, he quickly saw the functional benets of express workouts designed specically to boost the tness of anyone, even the time-poor.
American workers who are time-poor are more likely to be dissatisfied with their personal life and to be stressed.
Many are time-poor and having a trusted expert adviser at Brown Shipley to manage their money over the long term provides enormous benefits.
So we needed to offer time-poor smokers something new.
Their web-based software helps time-poor bosses manage their resources by logging reports on staff travel, client invoices and business costs.
As we have less time to spend on leisurely lunches, the new 'dash-and-carry' lunch offer provides a cheerful solution for time-poor workers.
Nearly a third of time-poor business drivers in Wales (30%) claim to be having food and drink on the move in order to save time.
More than 40 per cent of time-poor business drivers claim to be having food and drink on the move in order to save time, whilst almost a quarter risk breaking the law rather than face being late by using their phones without a handsfree kit.
For time-poor parents, however, the pressures of daily life and the cost of trips means fewer than half (48%) of Welsh parents find the time to ensure they go for a family day out at least once a month and 15% only manage just once or twice a year or less.
Time-poor Britons would be willing to spend over GBP3.
So-called "virtual sweatshops" have emerged in China, where workers earn money by spending hours each day in virtual worlds, acquiring items and then selling them to relatively time-poor but money-rich Westerners.
Stressed, time-poor Londoners snatching nano-moments of relaxation from the snapping jaws of urban existence now have a hip new decompression point on their radar.
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