term to maturity

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Term to maturity

The time remaining on a bond's life, or the date on which the debt will cease to exist and the borrower will have completely paid off the amount borrowed. See: Maturity.

Term to Maturity

The amount of time that must elapse before a contract expires. The term to maturity can greatly affect the price of an option or futures contract. It is also called time to expiration. See also: Time value premium.

term to maturity

The number of years within which the issuer of debt promises to meet the requirements of an indenture agreement. Bonds with longer terms to maturity are subject to greater price fluctuations than short-term securities are. See also yield curve.
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RUBI CORP CRITERIA ELIGIBILITY 1) Final Obligor Russian corporate entity 2) Currency denomination USD-denominated 3) Current face amount outstanding US$150 million minimum 4) Time until maturity 18 months for new entrants; 12 months for existing 5) Settlement method Must be able to settle internationally 6)Quantifiable source of cash flow Must have a cash flow structure from which a verifiable daily return can be calculated 7) Quoted price availability Bid and offer prices must be available on a daily basis
As you have such a short time until maturity, I suggest you wait as it is likely you will get a better value then as opposed to surrendering early.
The Federal Reserve Bank would extend credit in an amount that reflected the value of the asset at maturity minus a "discount" based on the Federal Reserve's discount rate and the time until maturity of the asset.
The higher the coupon rate and the longer the period of time until maturity, the greater the impact of changes in the reinvestment rate on both future value and yield.
The zero-coupon convertible note is expected to have a five-year maturity and an initial conversion price of $40 per share, which would then decline over time until maturity.
00 per share at any time until maturity on December 31, 2006.