time horizon

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Time horizon

The period, usually expressed in years, for which an investor expects to hold an investment.

Time Horizon

The length of time an investment is intended to last, usually expressed in years. Having a time horizon helps an investor set his/her short-term and long-term investment plans. See also: Horizon analysis, Horizon return.

time horizon

The interval during which an investment program is to be completed. An investor's time horizon is very important in determining the types of investments that should be selected. For example, investments that would be appropriate for an individual's retirement in 30 years are seldom suitable for reaching a short-term goal. Also called horizon.
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Time horizons amongst Western expatriates rose by just more than one year but the "most significant" changes were observed amongst Arab expatriates and NRIs, Invesco said.
Dubai Gulf Cooperation Council investors are highly risk averse and have relatively short time horizons for investments made in 2011, according to the newly-released Invesco Middle East Asset Management Study, a survey of investors conducted by Invesco, an investment bank and NMG, an independent strategy consultant.
Tolchard said the increasingly risk-averse investment patterns highlighted by the Invesco study, along with the broadening and strengthening of time horizons suggests that 2011 may be a real point of inflexion in the region, a shift to a more positive outlook as markets are expected stabilise amid global financial recovery, and investor confidence slowly returning," said Tolchard.
The idea is to create a comprehensive investment strategy that considers your various financial goals, appetite for risk, income needs, time horizons, tax concerns, existing assets and family situation.
Of course, short bonds yield less than those with longer time horizons, since investors don't expect the same kind of reward for lending money for five years as they would for 10.
Owners who have seen appreciation in their properties and have fairly long time horizons for their investments might consider selling their assets and puffing the proceeds into blue chip stocks or mutual funds specializing in them.
The issue of managerial time horizons is especially important because the time horizons of US managers are widely believed to be short relative to their foreign competitors (Mannix/Loewenstein 1994).
The exposure draft on Insurance rating calibration measures identifies Value at Risk (VaR) and Tail Value at Risk (T-VaR) levels that the agency regards as being consistent with different rating stresses for various time horizons.
In order to allow users more control over their trades, a number of constraints can be set against orders, such as price, size, or buy/sell imbalance, and particular time horizons can be specified.
1 These wide choices of guarantee periods and interest rates provide annuity owners flexibility to meet their individual needs for interest earnings, access to funds, and investment time horizons.
Recommendations and target prices are six-month time horizons.
notes that successful investment planning requires investors to employ reasonable investment time horizons.