Time decay

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Time decay

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Time Decay

The decline in value of an option contract as it approaches the expiration date. In an out-of-the-money option, the closer the contract is to expiry, the less likely it is that the option will become in-the-money, reducing its value. Time decay is also called time-value decay.
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In the current case a YAG:Eu based phosphor was used with 532nm excitation wavelength to achieve short life time decays at low temperatures.
Hence the current probe design enables the observation of the undistorted life time decay.
Several publications have shown the dependency between the life time decay of this phosphorescence and the temperature [5,7-11,15,16].
0] is the initial intensity, t is the life time decay, [B.
In order to measure the temperature on the Viper, a correlation between the life time decay and the temperature is needed in the form of a calibration curve.
10) to effect a layered metaphor: Time decays or sullies the fine clothes of youth, changing bright to dark.
Time decays, remakes, transfigures them; they become painful vessels of memory, touchstones of experience.

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