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The "decay," the "tomb," and the "dank, morbid breath" all ring of the decadence in "Femmes Damnees." Moreover, Cooke's description of the narrator's soul as "a salt raging wave, tideless and foaming, without rest" invokes the image of Baudelaire's "lamentable victims," who are "whipped by a wind the sky has never known, /boiling pell-mell, with the crash of storm," and references to the narrator's "ungodly" and "wretched" soul mirror the "pathway to eternal hell" that Baudelaire's lesbians follow.
(2) "[T]he drowsing demarcations between one dawn and the next, unraveling one by one out of the wine-sharp and honey-still warp of tideless solitude of lost Tuesdays and Fridays and Sundays" (574), reborn a self-buoyed being, borne up by self-determination for the first time in his life.
Philpotts quotes A Handbook for Travellers in France to verify the fact that the 'foul water within the harbour' resulted from tideless stagnation.
And these are beaches beyond your wildest dreams - pure white sands licked by tideless blue seas.
Although appreciable tidal changes occur in the immediate vicinity of the five inlets that link the IRL to the ocean, most of the system is virtually tideless (tidal amplitudes < 5 cm; Smith, 1993).
If he is not happy, it is pretty clear that "to be stupid is to be happy," and an "ideal of happiness is a jelly-like organism floating in a tideless, tepid, twilight sea." When London works through the logic, staunchly refusing to confuse an inquiry into truth versus fiction with an inquiry into sickness versus health, he discerns, behind all the systematized apparitions that make life bearable, the grinning of the "noseless one," the skull.
This combines with the fact that the Mediterranean is nearly tideless, with little tidal scouring or strong permanent currents to move sediments and pollutants deposited by rivers and coastal industries.
Like everything else in the picture, the water on which the barge floats is serene and unruffled, as in a tideless sea or lagoon.