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The main inadequacies between back testing futures and stocks or currencies appear because of different margin requirements, full point values and tick sizes when trading derivatives.
First, if the initial minimum tick size is a binding constraint on the bid-ask spread, reducing the minimum tick size allowable will reduce the actual observed spreads.
Alguns autores argumentam que os administradores consideram estes efeitos e que utilizam as bonificacoes e os desdobramentos para mover o tick size relativo para o nivel otimo (Angel, 1997, Anshuman & Kalay, 2002).
The tick size will see no change for securities with a market value ranging from Dh1 to Dh10 which will continue to be traded with the unit of 1 fils.
2004), Tick size NYSE rule and ex-dividend 118, day stock price behavior, Journal of Financial Economics, Vol.
However, because retail investors require less depth to conduct trading, optimal tick size depends positively on typical trade size.
These results survive extensive partitioning of the data and differ in spirit from those reported ar ound the transition of the minimum tick size from eighths to sixteenths.
f) Changes related to tick size of Derivatives Contract (section 2.
These measures include tick size changes, adjusting the trading hours, enhancing the number of brokerage firms, assisting in licensing a number of banks as custodians, introducing the concept of liquidity provision and securities lending and borrowing.
The tick size would be one dirham for a stock valued at less than 25 Qatari riyals ($6.
Meanwhile, Dubai Financial Market has announced that the introduction of three decimal Tick Size system on securities with a market value below Dh1, due on Thursday (today) will be postponed until further notice, in response to brokers' request.
According to the new price ticks amendments announced recently by BSE, ticks size are categorised according to share price traded in Bahraini dinars to replace the current mechanism that considers one fils as a unified tick size for all shares.