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Those getting most tick marks get elected to the Senate.
The red tick marks show the current location of the source.
A good reticle in a low-power variable will allow for clearly visible subtensions at higher magnification (those little tick marks that show MOA or mils do no good if the person looking through the scope can't see them).
window location; l 7/8" b 5/8" size: 1 1/8" x 4 " one tick marks to be printed on front and back of envelope to appear that it bleeds.
Regarding the reticle, the horizontal crosshair has tick marks on either side of the vertical crosshair.
However, on the face of flatsawn red oak lumber the rays look like little short tick marks, very visible and in contrast with the surrounding wood.
Moving from left to right, make tick marks on the timeline as you ask your clients if he or she could go without an income for a few days or a week.
Last week, WhatsApp started a new feature in which the double tick marks changed to blue colour when the recipient read the message.
The feature allowed users to see when a message was read with double blue tick marks.
WhatsApp, the cross-platform instant messaging service available on smartphones has initiated the new facet of sending back read message confirmations to the sender by issuing blue double tick marks on the message sent.
Bankers are making tick marks and completing spreadsheets (usually at the end of every week or month to please the sales manager) indicating how many calls they made on prospects, clients and referral sources.