savings and loan association

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Savings and loan association

National- or state-chartered institution that accepts savings deposits and invests the bulk of the funds thus received in mortgages.

Federal Savings and Loan Association

A federally chartered bank that specializes in taking deposits for checking and savings accounts, as well as making home mortgages. Savings and loan associations tend to be smaller than other banks and are more focused on the local communities in which they operate. It is sometimes (but not always) easier to obtain a loan from a savings and loan association because it may have better knowledge of the local market. They derive most of their funds from customer savings accounts, but they also generally have easy access to loans from the Federal Home Mortgage Banks. They are also known as thrifts. They are regulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision.

savings and loan association (S&L)

A deposit-gathering financial institution that is primarily engaged in making loans on real estate. Although many S&Ls are owned by their depositors, some are organized as profit-making institutions with stock that is publicly traded. See also thrift.

savings and loan association

A financial institution that specializes in consumer deposits and residential mortgages.

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Deposit and market share data are as of June 30, 2004, adjusted to reflect subsequent mergers and acquisitions through December 8, 2004, and are based on calculations in which the deposits of thrift institutions are included at 50 percent.
It meets at least four times a year with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to discuss developments relating to thrift institutions, the housing industry, mortgage finance, and regulatory issues.
The 1,872 privately owned thrifts currently in operation compare with a high of 3,252 federally insured thrift institutions operating in 1985, just before the crisis began.
The Community Bankers Association of Ohio (CBAO) is Ohio's oldest statewide financial trade association representing Independent Community Bank and Thrift Institutions.
The remaining mergers involved a thrift institution as the acquirer, the target, or both.
have signed a definitive agreement under which Crestar will acquire Jefferson, a Warrenton-based thrift institution with approximately $265 million in deposits, loans of about $205 million and eight branches.
The rule permits sponsoring banks, bank holding companies, and thrift institutions (banking organizations) to continue to exclude from their risk-weighted asset base, for purposes of calculating the risk-based capital ratios asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) program, assets that are consolidated onto sponsoring banking organizations' balance sheets as a result of Financial Accounting Standards Board Interpretation No.
An analysis of first-quarter call report data for the nation's 2,129 thrift institutions conducted by Veribanc, Inc.
Freeman, has been appointed to the Thrift Institutions Advisory Council (TIAC).
Two thrift institutions operating in the market offer a full range of banking products and services, including commercial loans.
According to Veribanc's analysis of third-quarter 1991 data released by the Office of Thrift Supervision on the nation's 2,261 savings and loan institutions, the dispostion of failed and failing thrift institutions may be two-thirds complete.
The Arizona Bankers Association, founded in 1903, is a trade association established to serve the needs of the state's commercial banks and thrift institutions.