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According to the SEC, 11,345 securities have "graduated" from Threshold Lists since January 10, 2005, "representing 8.
Exchanges in other markets should be required to report the securities on daily Threshold Lists and aggregate daily volume of fails for each such security.
That list is known as the Regulation SHO Threshold List.
Curiously, the Regulation SHO Threshold Lists only report companies that are victims of abusive and violative trading; they provide no disclosure of either the amount of fail to deliver positions or of the institutions who fail to deliver.
announces that today marks the 666th consecutive trading day that it has appeared on the Nasdaq's Regulation SHO threshold list (see http://www.
Despite the requirement that a clearing broker-dealer must close out a fail to deliver position in a threshold security that has persisted for 13 consecutive trading days, Overstock has been on the Regulation SHO threshold list for 666 consecutive trading days (and a total of 706 trading days).
net, announced today that these select companies have been on the NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE naked short threshold lists for 13 consecutive trading days: Microfield Group, Inc.
NET has included StereoVision on its naked short threshold list (included below) for 13 consecutive days.
announced today that has been removed from the naked short threshold lists, according to buyins.
net has built a proprietary database that uses Threshold list feeds from all exchanges to generate detailed and useful information to combat the naked short selling problem.
Exchanges will begin publishing daily threshold lists starting January 10th.
Short interest as a percentage of float should become the more important ratio measure to determining stock potentially at risk of moving on to the threshold list," writes Bartels in her report published on Dec.

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