Three i's

Three i's (3i's, formerly Investors in Industry)

a company which provides LOAN and SHARE CAPITAL for VENTURE CAPITAL projects, MANAGEMENT BUYOUTS and other activities requiring specialized financing, particularly small project ‘start up’ funding.
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9 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday shared the success mantra for both private and public sector as three I's which are Incentives, Imagination and Institution building.
Jack Shaheen, an authority on the representation of Arabs and Muslims in the US media and popular culture, argues persuasively that three I's are responsible for such denigration of Arabs and Muslims: Ignorance, Indolence and Israel.
We therefore need to focus our efforts on developing the three I's: Integration, to work towards a single market; Institutions, to promote confidence and stability; and Infrastructure, to reduce the deficit and ensure the competitiveness of 'African economies.' Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 6th Africa Public-Private Partnership (PPP) conference in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, Donald Kaberuka added: "We are here to find solutions to funding needs.
And at the very beginning, we said we were going to be about the three I's: ideas, information and inspiration."
First, I would like to state that all three I's (Infrastructure, Innovation, Information) are considered coenablers to achieve the country's transformation by means of sustainable growth that is inclusive.
"We recruit on the three I's -- impact, income, and independence.
"For brands to really see the impact of mobile on their operations, they need to focus on three I's - Investment, Innovation, and Integration.
Smith calls for more of the three i's - investment, innovation and infrastructure.
The book's authors then go to great lengths to define a political model based on three factors ("The Three I's") that they argue have been impediments to successful policymaking regarding financial regulation: ideology (Chapter 2), interests (Chapter 3), and institutions (Chapter 4).
This can be done through what is known as the three I's (i) Intensified case finding, (ii) Isonaizid Preventive Therapy or IPT and (iii) Infection Control.
He explained to her that the career was all about the three I's -- independence, income and impact -- and Vaughn's mere curiosity developed into passionate interest.