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A usually informal meeting in which participants try to think of ideas to solve a problem or accomplish a goal. The idea behind brainstorming is to come up with as many suggestions as possible, in hopes that one of them will stand up to scrutiny and become the solution. Criticism is discouraged during brainstorming, and participants are encouraged to discuss unusual proposals and to build upon what others say. This is a common and useful way to solve problems both in business and in other situations.
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a technique for generating ideas in which members of a group express ideas as they think of them. The object is to compile a list of ideas which can subsequently be considered and evaluated in greater depth. It is often recommended as a means of stimulating creativity when a group is experiencing difficulties in generating new ideas or solutions to apparently intractable problems. However, it is uncertain whether the ideas so generated are of any greater value than those arising in more conventional discussions. See DELPHI TECHNIQUE, NOMINAL GROUP TECHNIQUE.
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Third was "thought shower" - invented to replace brainstorm to avoid upsetting people with brain injuries.
| It's a fluid situation - I don't know what I'm talking about | Blue sky thinking - coming up with stupid ideas for other people to do | Pushing the envelope - (see above) | Silo mentality - when you all hate the people in the next department | Dial it up - work harder | Keep me in the loop - talk to me | Going forward - later | Offline (as in "let's take this offline") - later | Cross-pollination - talking to people | Thought shower - saying things without being bothered how stupid they are | Can we replay that?
This workshop involves thought showers, open discussions and a myth-busting activity on the topic of 'love and expectations.'.

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