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Some argue, however (see Sanford Ungar, Fresh Blood, 1995 and Joel Millman, The Other Americans: How Immigrants Renew our Country, Our Economy, and Our Values, 1997) that the culture will be made more limber by all these Third Worlders, and that the economy will sing in a high key too, and that both legal and illegal immigration will make us better.
Equally nauseating was the way this human grease gun surrounded himself with school kids, masquerading as homeless waifs and starving Third Worlders in a bid to increase his global record sales.
The occupation provided its own Xmas media-copy in the spectacle of troops distributing grain (turkey feed to them) to eternally grateful third worlders.
I know also that the Center for Foreign Journalists in Reston, VA is currently working to design curricula for Third Worlders that can be modeled on a variety of premises, not necessarily resembling those in the U.
Yet whether conservatives like it or not, whether Third Worlders like it or not, the left wing of the world-flattening posse is saddling up, ready to ride on behalf of its version of the "liberty century.