thin market

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Thin market

A market in which trading volume is low, and consequently bid and asked quotes are wide and the instrument traded is not very liquid. Very little stock to buy or sell.
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Thin Market

A market for a security with few transactions. Because of the low trading volume, a single, large order to buy or sell the security can affect the price significantly. It is also called a narrow market. See also: Inactive Security, Broad Market.
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thin market

A market for a security in which there are relatively few offers and bids. A thin market causes reduced liquidity and makes it more difficult to buy or sell the security without affecting its price. Also called narrow market. Compare deep market, tight market.
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Thin market.

A thin market is one where securities trade infrequently. The term can refer to an entire securities market, such as one in an emerging nation, a specific class of securities, such as micro-cap stocks, or an individual security.

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thin market

A market in which there are few sales, making it difficult for people to purchase a property or to find comparable sales for an appraisal.

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FX Update: The dollar has continued to soften in thin markets today, with many centres in Asia and Europe out for the Labour Day holiday.
The problem of how to construct price indexes when we face thin markets is therefore important to investigate.
Chinese shares slid and European stocks followed suit on Monday as the impact of China's Christmas Day interest rate rise sunk in to thin markets.
"Prices in relatively thin markets are to a large extent driven by sentiment and do not capture real default risks," he told a conference in Singapore.
"With the expansion plans of Emirates, they have the A350 serving thin markets, A380 serving high demand and slot constrained markets, and the Boeing 777 sitting right in between, serving the majority of Emirates route network," Sukkhasantikul said.
Prices in these thin markets potentially may become highly volatile, subject to manipulation, and less representative of competitive market equilibrium (Martinez, 1999).
The seasonal drop in year-end liquidity could be greater than usual this time because of the credit crunch and thin markets can be very jittery, with each trade having a magnified impact on overall exchange rates.
This study explores the experiences and initiatives of vocational education and training (VET) providers in three areas: (1) Income sources and mixes; (2) "Thin markets" in VET; and (3) Research and development.
But thin markets for NGC stock can limit farmers' ability to adjust their holdings and can leave a cooperative vulnerable to takeover by an IOE The thin market problem cannot be eliminated, but it can be alleviated through careful design of stock trading procedures, diversification of membership and expansion of the pool of potential investors.