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Jackson said that "there is a great opportunity to continue the expansion of FX Africa under the Travelex and Thebe brands, further developing FX products and services available to customers and increasing the network of retail outlets.
See also Seven Against Thebes 321-32, which likewise equates the tearing of a woman's veil with the capture of a city.
I use the original Thebe rather than the Loeb's Thebes to mark the distinction between the two (quite separate) ancient Greek cities.
As it neared Io, the craft also captured portraits of Metis, Amalthea, and Thebe, three of Jupiter's small, innermost moons.
The correct order of the moons: 1) Metis 2) Adrastea 3) Amalthea 4) Thebe 5) Io 6) Europa 7) Ganymede 8) Callisto.
Rangers started slowly again, as they have done for the last two weeks, and it wasn't a surprise when Wynyard got on top and created a few chances which saw Rangers Keeper Thomas Thebe on his best form, charging out from goal to a win couple of one on ones against the Wynyard Strikers.
As part of the merger, Shell will sell 3% of its shareholding in the Durban refinery in South Africa to our Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment partner, Thebe.
The Report was compiled by Thebe Ikalafeng, founder, Brand Africa, Oliver Schmitz, managing director, Brand Finance Africa, and Rupert Kemp, valuation director, Brand Finance Africa.
Globeleq is the majority shareholder in a consortium comprised of Mainstream Renewable Power, Thebe Investment Corporation, engineering firms Enzani Technologies and Usizo Engineering and local community trusts.
The others include Ireland-based Mainstream Renewable Power, Thebe Investment Corporation, South African engineering company Enzani Technologies and Usizo Engineering, and local community trusts.
World Travel Market Africa is part of Thebe Reed Exhibition's Africa Travel Week, which also includes IBTM Africa and ILTM Africa scheduled to take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 28 April 2014 up to the 3rd of May 2014.
In the financial sector, the ANC's own investment arm, Thebe Investment Corporation and its flagship Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) entity, Future Bank, suffered spectacular bankruptcies and huge knocks amid allegations of mismanagement.