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Informal for an investment or investment decision, especially one that becomes profitable.


1. An investment.
2. See direct play.
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He said: "I've written and am producing a theatre play called the Monster Bash, to tour the North-east and, hopefully, to take this further afield, starting at Saltburn and Whitby this Halloween.
The Lebanese actor and theatre director Kassem Istanbouli first directs a theatre play in Spanish, another step forward in his theatre work for Human Rights, with a long journey through the stages and streets of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Spain bringing his works Picnic in the Field, Koum Yaba, Hawamish, People's Court, Zanka Zanka, Mural Experience, The Black House.
BITLIS (Cihan) - Theater Curtains opened for Kurdish and Turkish theatre play for the first time in Turkey's history.
If you would like to invite the West Lothian Youth Theatre play to your school, contact 01506 431727.
The TV movie tells the story of her real-life affair with Carry On colleague Sid James, based on Terry Johnson's award-winning Royal National Theatre play Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick.
This early it is creating controversy as various groups question the use of the word 'vagina' and its Japanese translation in a theatre play in Tokyo.
This theatre play is directed by Umar Sultan, Written by Shafqat Khan, Choreographed by Veera and his team.
Anthony Valentine will step in next week in Woodward's role as Marc in Yasmina Reza's long-running Wyndham's Theatre play about painting and friendship.
Recently heralded as "The best classical theatre in the country, bar none," by The Christian Science Monitor, its lavish productions of the world's greatest works of theatre play to standing-room-only audiences night-in and night-out.
PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture department presented a beautiful theatre play based on the life, literary works and political struggle of the great Pashtun warrior poet, visionary and an intellectual genius Khushhal Khan Khattak who lived in the 17th century.
The minister continued, after holding of different cultural and fashion shows, exhibitions and Humar Mela in Peshawar successful theatre play on Pashto Sufi Poet Abdur Rahman Baba was the success story of his department which would be followed by theatres plays on Khushal Khan Khattak, Pir Rokhan and Fakhr-e-Afghan Bacha Khan.

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