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The fans who fly many of the banners on the Kop have formed a group called 'Spion Kop 1906' - and were keen to help create a special Steven Gerrard mosaic.
It is almost certain the Irish FA will be informed that the Kop is not fit for purpose due to subsidence, and will have to be condemned.
And the Kop chief added: "We have now got two targets to chase, the Europa League and finishing in the top four.
There I was on the park with the likes of Emyln Hughes and Tommy Smith who I used to cheer from the Kop," he recalled.
He was clearly one of a handful of the Kop cheerleaders.
But, although the Kop paraded banners backing him, one shareholder said: "I have taken lots of calls from shareholders with holdings not too much different to Steve's, and lots are not happy with his scheme.
Now at last he is getting the acclaim from the Kop he deserves.
Referee Graham Poll immediately pointed to the spot and the Kop raised the roof.
Brady admitted the Paddock area offered a lesser view than the Kop Stand but will be refurbished, decorated and have new toilets and refreshment areas installed.
HOPES of a swift return of flags and banners to the Kop at Anfield have been dashed.
With the World Cup taking place in South Africa next year, I hope fans from Liverpool will come and see the site which gave the Kop its name.
Benitez wants the KENNY'S BACK AT THE KOP Scot to take up a position with responsibility for the recruitment and development of the club's young players.