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In project management and other fields, a situation in which output is limited by the lowest capacity system in the project. For example, the output of book publishing is limited by how quickly writers write, regardless of how quickly books can be edited and printed. Bottlenecks have a wide variety of applications in business, technology and elsewhere.
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a hold-up in some part of a PRODUCTION LINE which disrupts the smooth flow of work. See PRODUCTION-LINE BALANCING, OPTIMISED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY.
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In this paper, we assume that the capacity of the single bottleneck will drop when the queue at the bottleneck reaches a certain level, denoted as [q.sub.c]; thus there are basically two stages during the rush hour.
The Spanish climber Alberto Zerain, after the summit, descended safely once the rope was intact at the traverse of the Bottleneck. After reaching back at Camp-IV he preferred to go down to Camp-III.
Part III then proffers several policy solutions that could enable people with disabilities to move through or around the bottlenecks that keep them from accessing productive work opportunities.
Both the state legislatures and the EEOC invoke multiple arguments for ameliorating the bottlenecks caused by these employer practices.
The second term represents the waiting time within the queue behind the bottleneck. We set [] = 0, hereafter.
It is quite possible in real networks that heavy cross traffic may cause a link to behave as a bottleneck for an end-to-end path for a while, and then a routing change or some sudden bursts may cause another link to become the bottleneck. Therefore, in our next experiments, we evaluated the adaptability of our mechanism in case of fluctuating bottlenecks.
Let [q.sub.i](t) be the number of car / truck travelers waiting in the queue at time t on the bottleneck link.
Third, if the owner of the bottleneck facility also competes downstream with the firms who use its facility, then it has a positive motivation to discourage its mandated wholesale customers from using the bottleneck facility.
"That is now the bottleneck to future economic development," he said.
The bottleneck of Hall Lane - especially at peak times - begins at the Edge Lane end not Low Hill.
The bottleneck happened on the northbound section of the M6 at junction two at Walsgrave, near the M69, at 7.50am when a van overturned.
That company will maintain monopoly ownership of the bottleneck infrastructure and the capacity to bundle a variety of peripheral services.

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