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The Axis of Evil Comedy Central Special premiered in 2007 as the first show on American TV with an all Middle Eastern/American cast.
The Axis of Evil comedy tour that swept through Lebanon in December drew in crowds by the thousands.
The Axis of Evil deals extensively with Iran's alleged involvement in terrorist activity against Israel through Hizbullah, following the Israel Defence Forces' withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000 and the instigation of the Al Aksa Intifada (September 2000-2003).
Inspecting rocket damage in Maghar, northern Israel yesterday, Mr Olmert added: "Syria is a committed, aggressive member of the axis of evil.
Ebadi: I have never agreed with President Bush's argument regarding the axis of evil.
In a March 2002 interview on CNN, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, one of the main architects of the Iraq war, argued that the moral judgment that President Bush made "very clear, crystal clear in his State of the Union message" in which he laid out the Axis of Evil is "exactly the same kind of clarity, I think, that Ronald Reagan introduced in understanding the Soviet Union.
In other words, student multimedia projects must be silent since some misguided adults equate MP3s with Napster, limited bandwidth and the Axis of Evil.
Jiang Zemin has been playing the "bad guy" by "joining hands with the axis of evil," while his vice president and likely successor Hu Jintao played the "good guy" on a Washington visit.
Beyond the axis of evil, there are other rogue states intent on acquiring weapons of mass destruction particularly biological weapons.
The axis of evil concept dismisses the thought of Al Qaeda as an independent movement, with roots far deeper than the political ideologies that have been witness to the wars of political worlds that came to represent the 20th century.
is threatened by the axis of evil," which consists of China, Iraq, and Russia.
Bush is the axis of evil,' read a placard at the demonstration on the southern outskirts of Seoul, referring to Bush's description of North Korea as part of an 'axis of evil'.