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This was considered less successful than the Wooden Horse escape as Hitler had subsequently ordered 50 prisoners to be shot as reprisals.
After a pulseraising Year of the Wooden Horse comes nature's child that is truly special in many ways.
When it comes to love life, the Year of the Wooden Horse is not quite lucky.
Paul Ng, a professional feng shui master, has predicted the Year of the Wooden Horse would neither be good nor bad.
The story was made into the 1950 film, The Wooden Horse.
I used to love to watch the wooden horse dance to the sounds of the drums played by the boys."
Eric Williams' The Wooden Horse (1844153037, $15.95) is another military classic which shouldn't be missed, even though it first appeared over fifty years ago.
The six individual titles comprising the Ancient Myths series include: The Adventures of Perseus; Jason and the Argonauts; Theseus and the Minotaur; The Twelve Labors of Hercules; The Voyages of Odysseus; and The Wooden Horse of Troy.
It looks at the fact and fiction surrounding some of the best-known escape stories including The Wooden Horse, the Great Escape and escape attempts from Colditz Castle.
Wheen looks at The Wooden Horse,and innocent-looking equine gift left by the Greeks outside the city of Troy.
The wooden horse was donated to the Society, in Hertfordshire, and the haulage company provided their services free of charge.

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