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A bank, savings and loan, or mortgage banker that initially made a mortgage loan that is part of a pool. Also, an investment bank that has worked with the issuer of a new securities offering from the beginning and is usually appointed manager of the underwriting syndicate.


1. A bank that makes a loan, especially a mortgage loan, to a client. The originator has the ability to sell that loan to another party, usually to create a derivative product of some kind. As a result, one often hears about originators in discussions of mortgage-backed securities.

2. An investment bank that works with a company in planning a new issue from the earliest stage. The originator usually becomes the syndicate manager when the issue actually is made.


A financial institution that makes loans that are then resold.
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In 2011, my company measured what originators understood about the consultative selling process with the purpose of providing an objective analysis that companies could use to analyze what sales training is needed at the originator level to improve sales results.
Now, by using the Reviewing toolbar (see exhibit 8, page 74), the originator can accept or reject changes reviewers made.
If the originator of a receivable has an obligation to support the underlying asset, such as a maintenance agreement embedded in an equipment lease, then executory contract risk exists if payments can be stopped or partially offset for lack of or loss of that support obligation.
Accordingly, the originator should request that the bank provide the correct versions of the guide corresponding to each of the mortgage loans in question.
Once the mortgage originator accepts the offer, Encompass is designed to automatically upload the file data to the lender and routes the originator into the lender's systems for registration, locking and other loan activities.
With Optimal Lock, Optimal Blue is the first product eligibility and price engine provider to take advantage of the convergence of technology and content, allowing the lender to connect the investor with the originator to more efficiently source and lock the loan directly with the investor in real time through a third party provider.
6% were originated or acquired by the originator (Union Planters Bank) generally in accordance with the underwriting criteria of the originator's Stated Income Program.
With such a focus, the consumer gets the best service, support and loan product available, and the originator and the organization do not have to worry about managing processing or administrative staff, which enables the flexibility to grow the business faster and more efficiently.
The originator can then accept the calculation and/or record a note regarding any questions for their manager and the accounting department.
We are committed to making the transmission of information easier, more efficient, timely and secure, reducing the workload for both the warehouse lender and the originator (warehouse borrower).
Upon receiving inquiries of late from originators who wish to be their own custodian, Fitch will assess if the originator has the sufficient financial wherewithal to effectively perform the custodial functions in an RMBS transaction, while mitigating the risk of no independent third party.
Nearly 60% of the originators who participated in the survey indicated they earn at least $100,000 annually.

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