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A stock or group of stocks that is the first to move in a market upsurge or downturn.
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The stocks with the highest trading volume over a given period of time. Leadership may give an indication of future market movements. That is, a large amount of interest in certain stocks may mean that the market will continue to be interested in them. Leadership may be either good or bad for the market. For example, poor leadership may result from too much speculation, while solid leadership comes from sustainable investing practices. It is also called market leadership.
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An active stock that tends to lead the general market in price movements. For example, strength and activity may have made a stock a leader in a recent upward market movement.
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One point agenda is the release of the leaders," Trivedi added.
" Sin of Sloth.Cohen writes: "For the leader, the sin of sloth is associated with an unwillingness to act.
Without it, ego is what that drives the leader. Of course, there are those that argue that ego can be positive as it makes a leader determined and competitive.
First, it is argued that the interaction between the leader's trust in a focal employee and the network's trust in the leader will be more likely to lead to the network's trust in the focal employee when the focal employee also trusts the leader.
In a statement last week, the TNA had requested that its Parliamentary Group Leader be recognized as the Leader of the Opposition in accordance with Parliamentary practice and convention as they have now emerged as the largest political party in Opposition in Sri Lanka's Parliament.
Through their relationships and the connections a leader builds, the leader enables and empowers others and brings out their best efforts.
As Hoyer points out, discord between the leader and the whip is nothing new, and previous leadership teams have overcome it to work together effectively.
Examples include slandering persons with whom the leader has differences, betraying confidences, intimidating, and not speaking truthfully.
As noted in the November issue of University Business, the leader is responsible for the initial vision that guides the formation of the initial team.
The leader's task is to align leadership, strategies and employees with the solid pillar called vision and have them anchored on a firm foundation of values and culture.
Kevin Cashman, in his book Leadership From the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life, quotes Paul Walsh, chairman and CEO of Pillsbury: "The missing link in leadership development is growing the person to grow the leader." The issue of dealing with stress is not the mastery of something external to ourselves.
And Mr Bourne then attends the Leader's Group with Iain Duncan Smith, the Conservative leader, and party leaders from the European Parliament and House of Lords.