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According to Simkins, the killer bees are especially dangerous because they swarm much more frequently than common European honeybees.
In this excerpt - the first of three that the Tribune will run - Hobby writes about the Killer Bees and what he calls the "dreaded two-thirds rule" that froze the Texas Senate in 1979, 2003 and, almost, in 2009.
The novices are enrolled in the Bee-ginner Rowing Program, sponsored by the Killer Bees Rowing Club based at Regatta Point.
the killer bees expert observed as Alan dangled in ungainly style, whacking the hive with his Size 12s.
North Eugene pitcher Carly Larson and outfielder Lacy Cook also are playing for the Killer Bees, along with twins Amber and Ashley Litalien.
During the 1970s, the killer bees were the bird flu du jour.
Swarm chandelier by Zaha Hadid for Established & Sons, seemingly inspired by an attack of the killer bees.
fuzzily recalling how the killer bees reacted to pheromones in human breath.
Grand Blanc's Team 2337, the Enginerds, joined with Auburn Hill's Team 33, the Killer Bees, and Lansing's rookie team, Star Trec, Team 4294, to take top competition honors during the district contest in Kettering's Recreation Center.
He enjoys the people he has met with the Killer Bees Rowing Club, based at Quinsigamond State Park (Regatta Point).
Ashley Mathers was 4-for-4 with two RBIs, and Sabra Lindahl was 2-for-4 with three RBIs as the Killer Bees beat the Redding, Calif.
As it turns out, the killer bees have proved to be more annoying than lethal, according to experts and local exterminator Gary Fisher, who says the Africanized honeybees are more aggressive than their native predecessor, the European honeybee, but not deadly.