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Zack Synder's movie, a direct sequel to his 2013 Superman flick, Man of Steel, is packed with action stunning setpieces, from toppling tower blocks to the Caped Crusader gunning through the streets in his Batmobile, and a terrific early scene where Superman rescues his girlfriend, Lois Lane (Amy Adams), from terrorists in the Sahara.
Meanwhile, the Caped Crusader's grudge against his fellow superhero feels as if it's been contrived solely to set up an encounter that's less an iconic fight and more an exhibition match.
He'll do stuff no one has ever done with the Caped Crusader and blow everyone away.
He will be at the store on Cross Point Business Park, Walsgrave, between 11am and 5pm, for a competition to promote the release of the final series of the Warner Bros cartoon Batman: The Brave and the Bold, in which the caped crusader teams with superhero guest stars.
North Colin Russell The Caped Crusader (9.10 Doncaster, nap) Three-year-old who showed improved form when stepped up to 1m2f for handicap debut when runner-up at Haydock last time.
Director Christopher Nolan brought the Caped Crusader back to the big screen in 2005's "Batman Begins" and 2008's "The Dark Knight," which earned over $1 billion worldwide and garnered Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for his role as The Joker.
THE caped crusader teams up with Gotham City Police lieutenant Jim Gordon and Attorney General Harvey Dent to clean up the streets of Gotham for good.
BATMAN has proved to be one of the most successful big screen superheroes, and now fans of the Caped Crusader have even more reason to be excited about the next movie - as producers are considering shooting the entire film in special IMAX footage.
On the brink of cancellation in 1963, Batman was rescued by a comic book artist who gave the caped crusader a new look and multimedia stardom.
The Haverfordwest-born star, due to appear as the caped crusader in 2005, shed more than four stone to play the lead in thriller The Machinist.
The Caped Crusader was the main offender during the fracas in the early hours of Sunday, said a police spokesman.
The fourth Batman movie presents the caped crusader with his chilliest challenge yet.