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Back Door

1. In business, a slang term describing something unethical. It may also describe the action of circumventing a problem in an unusual (but still ethical) way.

2. Any way to access a computer system other than logging in or using "normal" channels. Programmers often put back doors into their programs, or a hacker may create one.

3. See: Back-Door Listing.

back door

the informal mechanism whereby the BANK OF ENGLAND buys back previously issued TREASURY BILLS in the DISCOUNT MARKET at their ruling market price in order to release money to help the DISCOUNT HOUSES overcome temporary liquidity shortages. This is done as a means of increasing the liquid funds available not only to the discount houses themselves but also to the COMMERCIAL BANKS at prevailing interest rates to enable them to maintain their lending. Compare FRONT DOOR.
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Air India ( AI) operates some of its flights with only one entry- exit point ; Many AI flights are operating with the back door shown as inoperative due to shortage of cabin crew ; In an emergency like crash- landing, there would be a near stampede with only one exit door ; AI also facing a heavy rate of attrition with 33 pilots having quit this year alone ; Some of the pilots joined other airlines without even resigning ; Many pilots have resigned citing inefficiency and weak administration, which they allege has caused the mess at the carrier
It's obviously ideal to go through the front-door route but the back door isn't far behind.
The blaze caused severe damage to the kitchen, the back door was destroyed and the bill was PS27,000.
After all, isn't this how he got into government - by sneaking in the back door on the tails of his Tory masters?
Let's look at the Front Door, the Back Door and how a Supply Chain Management (SCM) professional can help capture the monies being lost to the company's bottom line.
The two tried to open the apartment's front door, but had some trouble so they walked around to the back door.
The black-and-white tape shows three masked men wearing oversize cotton shirts and baggy pants as they barrel through the back door around 8 p.
The back door distance is one measure of the existence and strength of the communication channel between board members that can be used to influence decisions by the full board.
He would have frequently noticed Negro passengers getting on at the front door and paying their fares, and then being forced to get off and go to the back doors to board the bus, and often he would have noticed that before the Negro passenger could get to the back door, the bus drove off with the fare in the box.
The man forced open the back door of the woman's home in Pilch Lane East, Huyton, and began ransacking the house.
The burglars made off through the back door with a sum of cash.
Part of this I speak of from personal experience: (A) I don't deal with death very well, as most people don't, and (B) in any nursing home that I've been in throughout my career, as well as most hospitals, you walk in through the front door, but you leave by the back door.