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He said: "They were feeling more keen to push forward with their academic agenda and to reach out to communities beyond the ivory tower - and to connect with local people to help them understand what scholars of conservatism and Thatcherism do.
(36) Rather than an embodiment of Thatcherism, Bradford sees Self as "an extension of the characteristics close to the core of Amis's previous novels, all but one published before 1979.
Reprinted in Stuart Hall and Martin Jacques (eds), The Politics of Thatcherism, Lawrence & Wishart 1983, p23.
Although subtitled 'The Politics and Social Upheaval of the Thatcher Era', the location of the book is very much high political, while Vinen seeks to plot a methodological middle way between biographical approaches to Thatcher and sociological approaches to Thatcherism (p.
I share David Green's concerns regarding the decline in British manufacturing but I take issue with his reference to "Thatcherism took away the coal mines" (Letters, PE 7 October).
"That is the Conservatives turning their backs on people who would be affected by the recession and returning to Thatcherism, but it is Thatcherism with a smoother sales pitch."
Much of English filmmaker Mike Leigh's work between the late 1970s and early 1990s reflects a passionate critique of the economic and social policies of Thatcherism, addressing a British society that had turned its back on the political and social consensus of the previous forty years.
Dave, pet, you won't get headbutted, but you'll find we are a thriving European city - despite years of Thatcherism that tried to ground us into the dirt.
He comes from a liberal background and I've got no doubt he and those around him took lessons from Thatcherism. They were too late in realising Britain didn't really want Thatcherism.
When these became progressively unpopular, and then Thatcherism virtually destroyed public sector architecture, Colin found himself increasingly marginalised, the more so because methods of provision of information were changing and the Architectural Press was being destroyed by enmity between the two families that owned it.
As for disassociating themselves from the problem, if Community and the other unions hadn't acted in a similar manner during the miners' struggle because they were worried about their assets being seized, the evils of Thatcherism would not have been able to flourish.
The transport union's present chief Tony Woodley said: "Ron carried the trade union flame throughout the darkest days of Thatcherism.