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service sector

that part of the economy concerned with the provision of a wide variety of personal and business services: hairdressing and tourism, transport and retailing, banking and insurance, etc. The service sector together with the PRIMARY SECTOR and INDUSTRIAL SECTOR form an interlocking chain of economic activities that constitutes a modern economy.


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Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry acting chief executive Nabeel Abdulrahman Al Mahmoud stressed the importance of the Grand Prix in revitalising the national economy and the tertiary sector, extending congratulations to the leadership.
Commercial banks, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing industries and the tertiary sector grew tangibly, compared with 2009 results.
'Nurse training moved to the tertiary sector almost a generation ago because the profession understood it needed highly trained nurses capable of delivering the highest quality care,' Brett said.
Recent changes within the New Zealand tertiary sector around the introduction of a performance-based system for funding research in degree-granting institutions have the potential to adversely affect both nursing scholarship and nursing education.
The principle, which underpins the European Commission's January 2004 proposal to liberalise the tertiary sector, binds cross-border service-providers to follow the laws of their home country, not the ones where they provide their services.
CLOSE TO three quarters of nurses who graduated in November 2015 were employed at March 31 this year, according to the annual Nursing Education in the Tertiary Sector (NETS) survey.
Bahrain has also invested $11 million in 71 companies which are operating in the tertiary sector, followed by the IT and telecommunications with $2 million invested through 9 companies.
The PDES expects the added value in the tertiary sector would grow by about 9 per cent annually during the period 2012 to 2015, about 8 per cent in the commercial sector, particularly in transport, communication and trade.
According to the data, wholesale and retail were the main contributors to the positive 6.5% growth the tertiary sector posted in 2012.
Universities Australia has released research on perceptions of the tertiary sector on the eve of this week's higher education conference in Canberra.
The added value in the government-funded tertiary sector grew by 3.8 per cent in constant prices and 3.2 per cent in current prices, as the expenditure on wages grew by 4.1 per cent, compared with the 2009 results.

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