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Last Saturday, an armed terrorist group launched a sabotage attack against an oil-pipeline passing nearby al-Quriya City in Deir Ezzor Province.
Several terrorists of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Noureddin al-Zanki and Jabhat al-Shamia terrorist groups were killed when the ISIL's bomb-laden vehicles was exploded.
The arrested terrorists have confessed to relations and cooperation with members of the disbanded terrorist group, the Democratic Party of Iran's Kurdistan (Hadka), to carry out assassination of ordinary people in Kamyaran for their refusal to cooperate or finance the terrorist group.
Over 30 armed terrorist groups have had on agenda actions to foment insecurity in the country and distort people's tranquility in the past few years," he added.
It is possible that the Maute Group or some other terrorist group would replicate elsewhere, or in different parts of Mindanao, what it recently did in Marawi City-sowing terror and killing people to gain recognition from IS.
SANA reporter said that army units on Monday morning carried out concentrated strikes against a terrorist group affiliated to the ISIS that had been targeting the cars and the passersby on the road of al-Sabboura-Ethrayia with shells and heavy machineguns in an attempt to cut the road that leads to Aleppo.
Terrorist groups may seek funding through crime out of financial necessity or because the potential profits associated with the criminal activity are considered too attractive to ignore.
5) Documented links exist between terrorist groups and drug trafficking, notably the smuggling of pseudoephedrine, a precursor used to manufacture methamphetamine.
Former" terrorist groups that have gone political, such as Nicaragua's Sandinistas and El Salvador's FMLN, are also SPF members.
Definitely, this is a must read for anyone wishing to know more about the intricate workings of these terrorist groups.
Hamas is a terrorist organization yesterday and today, and they plan to be tomorrow,'' said Sherman, who called the redesignation process a distraction that diverts resources away from designating new terrorist groups.
The article, written by Steve Emerson, asserted that the ISNA has raised money to pay for the legal defense of an accused leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.