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The terms of sale were lowered by him to the standard fixed by Mr.
com/glass/terms/) Google's terms of sale , which has some interesting language regarding the reselling and lending of Google's smart glasses.
Whether your company is the buyer or the seller, it's important you understand these terms of sale because they determine:
The available terms of sale in the food service industry vary; there are as many as there are in any industry.
Terms of sale set forth certain conditions, including when title to the goods passes from seller to buyer; who bears the risks of loss or damage to the goods during loading, transportation, and unloading; and who pays the costs of freight and insurance.
Auctioneers now take on and even surpass the roles of many traditional brokers in working with owners to assess the market, structure the form and terms of sale (including dealing with any legal or other technical issues), and to prepare the marketing plan, advertising copy and information packet.
You should be aware that different states have varying statutes on terms of sale.