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Offers with other terms of delivery, upwards, are subject to additional agreement with the customer.
the delivery time, - the terms of delivery (Incoterms 2010), the Buyer%s warehouse
Unconfirmed letter of credit (confirmation at the Supplier%s expense) on the terms of delivery of the DAP in Grodno.
RB per 1 pc without VAT, specifying terms of delivery for residents of the Republic of Belarus, for non-residents of the Republic of Belarus in rubles.
With the support of its 37,000 employees, I am confident that we will live up to the high expectations of our customers in terms of delivery, quality, service and price.
As we move into full-scale production of our product line, it's critical that we put in place world-class processes to meet the growing demand for our products, allowing us to exceed our customers' expectations in terms of delivery and quality," said Kennedy.
Joining the forum allows us to leverage this knowledge and deliver open, flexible and standard OSS solutions to our clients with much less risk in terms of delivery of and lifetime of the solutions.
In terms of delivery, many online retailers are still promising "four to six week delivery" without the ability to determine if an item is in stock.