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The report recommends that the Government scrap the six-month rule and adopt a new definition, based on incoming law in Scotland, allowing clinicians to use their own judgment to certify whether a patient is terminally ill.
Len is now a widower and terminally ill; his grown children do not have a pressing need for his life insurance benefits.
"Fifty million Americans now have a choice over their deaths, should they be terminally ill, that every single person in Briton is denied.
marijuana could not deal with the pain of the terminally ill.
Robert Brody, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, said competent, terminally ill adults have the right to a peaceful death in a controlled and clinically sound way.
High quality palliative care provides an opportunity for the terminally ill to die with dignity and with relief from pain and discomfort.
There are some existing federal regulatory options available for the terminally ill who want to try potentially life-saving, non-FDA-approved drugs.
You meet some lovely people and you know you will be making a difference with every pound that goes in the pot and that the donations you collect will help terminally ill people in the local area.
The Wolverhampton based charity raises money for seriously and terminally ill children to provide treatment, help and support for both them and their families.
Anyone who has been in practice for 30 years, as I have, knows of many patients who supposedly were terminally ill and yet lived for 5-7 years in spite of their physicians' predictions.
The article on the elderly terminally ill and cancer screening caused me extreme concern ("Terminally Ill Aged Were Screened on Autopilot,' " Internal Medicine News, Nov.
RETIRED doctor Howard Martin has said that on the grounds of "Christian Compassion" he hastened the death of terminally ill patients.