term to maturity

Term to maturity

The time remaining on a bond's life, or the date on which the debt will cease to exist and the borrower will have completely paid off the amount borrowed. See: Maturity.

Term to Maturity

The amount of time that must elapse before a contract expires. The term to maturity can greatly affect the price of an option or futures contract. It is also called time to expiration. See also: Time value premium.

term to maturity

The number of years within which the issuer of debt promises to meet the requirements of an indenture agreement. Bonds with longer terms to maturity are subject to greater price fluctuations than short-term securities are. See also yield curve.
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The Options are exercisable into common shares of the Company at an exercise price of $0.20 per share and have a five-year term to maturity
At the same time, Vestjysk Bank A/S has resolved to explore the possibility of issuing a new Tier 2 capital in the amount of DKK125m with a term to maturity of ten years and the possibility of early repayment after five years.
This component reflects the slightly increased maturity mismatches mirroring the shortened remaining term to maturity of the one covered bond outstanding.
Upon completion of the National Harbor mortgage loan, the Company's exposure to variable interest rates, including its share of outstanding debt in the unconsolidated portfolio, is expected to be approximately 13% of total outstanding debt, down from 17% at September 30, 2018, and the average term to maturity of total outstanding debt, including the Company's unconsolidated debt, is expected to be 6.3 years as of December 31, 2018.
To further control for bond characteristics other than term to maturity, we match short-term bonds with longer term bonds according to sector, credit score, and average monthly trading volume.
The new mortgages have a weighted average interest rate of four percent with a weighted average term to maturity of 10 years.
Its healthy state of liquidity reflects a comfortable term to maturity, a stock of discounted liquid assets -- which is almost twice larger than its total debt outstanding -- and access to a diversified investor base.
February 2013, that the developer would be seeking to extend the loans as the original term to maturity was felt to be too short.
The rate of return on the investment in the certificates is contingent upon the performance of a pre-specified underlying equity or equity index over a pre-specified period (known as term to maturity).
This trend is evident in the housing market where consumers have been reducing their exposure to mortgage debt by financing more home purchases with cash and reducing both the loan-to-value ratios and the term to maturity of their mortgage debt.
Federal student loans include a complex consolidation option that gives borrowers the opportunity to combine several loans into a single loan with a longer term to maturity and, for loans originated before July 2006, to convert from a variable- to a fixed-rate loan.