term bonds

Term bonds

Bonds whose principal is payable at maturity. Often referred to as bullet-maturity bonds or simply bullet bonds. Related: Serial bonds.

Term Bond

An issue of bonds that mature at the same time. Corporate bonds are sometimes term bonds. In these situations, a corporation issues bonds and sells them to whatever person or institution will buy them; all the bonds mature at the same time. Both municipal bonds and corporate bonds combine aspects of both term and serial issuances in which some parts of the issue mature at various times, but in which the bulk matures all at once. See also: Serial bonds.

term bonds

Any of various bonds that mature on the same date. Corporate bond issues are often of the term variety because all the bonds of a given issue are scheduled to mature simultaneously. Municipalities often issue a combination of serial and term bonds with periodic retirements of serial bonds and then a redemption of a block of term bonds during the final year. See also serial bonds.
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Country's third largest private sector bank, Axis Bank is to raise money via long term bonds.
Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis announced on Tuesday that the Government will issue new long term bonds to the international markets around mid January in order to meet public needs for the 2010, which approach 2.
The bank will exchange bonds issued in 2006 that mature in 2016 and which are trading below face value for shorter term bonds that mature in 2012 in a move to strengthen its balance sheet.
Yields on long term bonds are higher than yields on short term bonds; with the yield on the 3 month T-bill hovering around 5.
Term Bonds exceeds supply almost twofold, as they are attractive not only because of the long-term circulation period, but also for high
According to the survey, long-term bonds, especially those issued in fungible tranches, have increasingly been the instrument favoured by EU Member States to finance their government liabilities: Denmark (92%) and Finland (84%) had the highest share of long term bonds in 1998.
Global Banking News-September 29, 2016--Yes Bank to raise capital via long term bonds