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Her relatively brief conclusion speculates on the potential role of tenement housing in urban futures around the world.
The broader context of that story is, of course, one of the most well-known urban stories in the history of the world, but the rise and fall of Hitler's Nazi regime and then of the Soviet-allied East German regime and its dividing wall are narratives seldom discussed (other than perhaps by Friedrich Engels) with the intent of foregrounding tenement housing. Her main focus is the 19th century planning processes in Berlin which gave rise to the tenements, and her fieldwork and archival research lend depth and nuance to her argument, particularly in the case study of a tenement at 40 Liebenwalder Strasse.
Riis's reputation continued to grow, and he became a major influence in launching tenement housing reform, improving sanitary conditions, creating public parks and playgrounds, and documenting the need for more schools.
If you ask me, it is high time for Filipinos especially homeless citizens to be resettled in tenement housing. The problem with the poor is they love to have a house and lot which would improve their status in life, but the reality today is that we cannot give everyone a house and lot.
Look at those sturdy, thoroughly lived-in BLISS apartments, in particular the ones clustered in the neighborhood of SM North, that have survived floods and typhoons since "Marcos time" and how they have spawned not a single decent tenement housing project.
Cortez, officer-in-charge of the Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC), said on the sidelines of a business forum on Thursday the company was eyeing to build a theme park, hotels, commercial spaces and even tenement housing there.
I lived beside Dublin Corporation tenement housing at Keogh Square.
Did you know that zoning was invented in 1916 when a group of Manhattanites became alarmed when tenement housing began to encroach on their Fifth Avenue townhouses?
From the 1850s to the 1930s the hall deteriorated as it was used for tenement housing with as many as 35 people crammed into its rooms in 1891.
Trump: You're talking about at the tip of this city, lies a little group of terrible, terrible tenements--just terrible stuff, tenement housing.
Urban Castles: Tenement Housing and Landlord Activism in New York City, 1890-1943.
Those can be used for in-city tenement housing with proper parks and sewerage.