Temporary investment

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Temporary investment

A short-term investment, such as a money market fund, Treasury bills, or short-term CD, which is usually held a year or less.
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Temporary Investment

An investment in short-term, low-risk securities such as Treasury bills, money markets and so forth. A temporary investment aims to protect the funds invested in it while also providing a (low) return.
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Never to be underestimated, political elites who recently agreed on a new electoral law based on proportionality - and that divides the country into 15 voting districts to protect incumbents - are likely to embark on temporary investments, to revitalise economic projects as they prepare for the May 2018 parliamentary elections.
Insurers primarily use ETFs for tactical purposes, she explained, such as temporary investments to take advantage of market dislocations; to help maintain market exposure while longer-term investments are sourced; to invest incoming cash; or to shift allocations from one type of investment to another.
There are also attempts to make temporary investments in mutual funds and other financial instruments providing tax benefits towards the end of a financial year, which get re-routed back to the investors soon after the new fiscal begins, a senior official said.
"This outstanding success witnessed in phase one of the project indicates the effectiveness of all the plans laid down in the initiation of the project of which carries a new philosophy of industrial districts in the Muharraq Governorate as sub-developers are granted the luxury to invest on a permanent basis as opposed to temporary investments on leased properties that would potentially be abandoned at the end of the investment period," he remarked.
Summary: Global Capital Management Ltd, the alternative investment funds' arm of Global Investment House, announced today that the Global Buyout Fund (Fund) is declaring a distribution of 3%, primarily derived from dividends and interest from portfolio companies and permitted temporary investments respectively.
Interpreted literally, any income from property of a company--including, for example, interest income from ordinary working-capital bank accounts--will be excluded from the protection of the active business income definition--even though the interest income is clearly incident to temporary investments and funding for that active business.
12, Accounting for Certain Marketable Securities, the carrying value of temporary investments was treated with considerable diversity.
The proposal will treat interest on temporary investments of working capital in connection with foreign-oil-related income as passive income for foreign tax credit purposes.
Typical instruments that fall within this classification of "temporary investments" are certificates of deposit, money market certificates, commercial paper (high-yield corporate notes that usually mature in one to nine months) and Treasury bills, which usually mature in 13 to 52 weeks.
Money deposits that are not immediately available for withdrawal (certificates of deposit and money market savings accounts) are considered temporary investments. Items that are not acceptable at face value, such as IOUs, NSF checks and post-dated checks, are essentially receivables and thus excluded from "cash."
Funds may need to be withdrawn from temporary investments or a short term loan may be necessary.

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